Monday, January 16, 2012


I have to admit, I like the stuff. So does bestselling author Joe Konrath. He likes it so much, he decided to try to live on it for thirty days.

No pretzels. No peanuts. Just beer. Insane.

But if you think that's something, check this out: starting February 1, I will live WITHOUT BEER for twenty-nine days. That's right, no beer for the entire month of February.

I know what you're thinking. Jude, have you lost your mind? Maybe. But I think I can do it.

Not only will I give up beer for the entire month, I'm also going to try to eat better. My diet will consist of mostly fresh fruits and vegetables. And, I'm going to exercise more than I do now.

Jude! Don't do it! Think of your loved ones!

I know, I know. But this is something I feel like I need to try. Like some guys need to swim the English Channel or climb Everest.

Will I lose weight? Will I be in better shape by the end of the month and have more energy? Will I be able to watch THE SUPER BOWL without salivating over the commercials?

Stay tuned.

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  1. go Jude. You can do this. It's only for a time, and if you really love this drink, you can eventually add it back in, and in different proportions and timings. Some of my uncles were employed as hopsmeisters here in the states when I was a kid. That was in the 40s. They were farmers from the old country and came here as refugees. They lived with us, and the one thing I remember was how I thought between them all and my father, that all men smelled of a cologne the same. Later I found out it was not cologne, but the whiskey and schnapps and beer that came through their pores no matter how many baths they took. They all began drinking as children, for the work was hard and a five year old working daily with the horses and fields was warmed in winter by beer and liquor, and in summer, they say, cooled by wine. Beer is seen /spoken about/ advertized differently nowadays. Back then it was a part of survival... with a buzz.

    I think your path of better health and weight is worthy. Keep going.