Tuesday, February 14, 2012

DAY 14

Today's weight: 202.4

Goal weight: 185

Net Weight Loss Since 2/1/12: 3.2 lbs

Blood Pressure: 114/78

Heart Rate: 56

Energy Level: 6.5

Happy Valentine's Day!

This is about the halfway point, and I've only lost 3.2 lbs so far. But I've been eating pretty much what I want, and I've been exercising about the same as before I started the diet, so apparently the weight I have lost is due solely to the absence of alcohol calories. Interesting.


  1. that would be about 6.5 lbs per month at this rate. I think that's great and also interesting... 3500 cal less per week, they say (counting each person as somewhat different than next on several variable factors) to lose one pound. So you're at the cusp of 14/15 day... and I dont know how many calories in a beer, but given that youre 'eating pretty much what you want' you may be able to see how the extracurricular hops crept weight up but perhaps so slowly, it was not immediately obvious. Keep going!

  2. I agree that weight can creep up slowly. An average of 6.5 lbs. is a good and healthy rate. A change in routine can increase your weight loss. Such as the time and length of any excercise. Your on the right track.