Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Today's weight: 204.2

Goal weight: 185

Net Weight Loss Since 2/1/12: 1.4 lbs.

Blood Pressure: 107/76

Heart Rate: 46

Energy Level: 6.4

So here I am a week into this, and my net weight loss is only 1.4 lbs. Hmm. Not what I hoped for, but my BP is great and I slept well with the melatonin last night. Feeling pretty good.

I'm not sure what happened to Day 7. I only slept about three hours after working all night Monday night, and then I did some chores around the house and the yard and went to bed kind of early last night. I had spaghetti and eggplant parmagiana for dinner.

I added my heart rate to the stats, because it was so low this morning. It's usually in the 50s at rest, so maybe something to keep an eye on. Although I know from experience as a nurse we don't usually treat a low heart rate unless it's symptomatic (or, you know, EXTREMELY low, as in about to be dead), and mine's not.

Anyway, lots to do today, so I better get to it. Cheers!


  1. Keep going Jude. I particularly like that you are sleeping more and better; resetting the system will be worth it for your weight loss. 1.4 lbs, five sticks of butter. Spaghetti (you know how to spell!) and eggplant P... sounds nourishing. I've extremely low bp and resting heart rate; all is well, as long as I dont do sommersaults too much. lol My hubby leers around saying "you wanna raise your heartrate baby?" He's such a card.

  2. Maybe I'll start measuring my weight loss in sticks of butter. I like that.

    Actually I hardly ever eat butter, but I do occasionally enjoy some cinnamon toast. Mmmm. Sounds good.