Monday, February 6, 2012

DAY 6 (Late Entry)

Today's weight: 203.2

Goal weight: 185

Net Weight Loss Since 2/1/12: 2.4 lbs.

Blood Pressure: 129/82

Energy Level: 6.4

I ate something and then took a melatonin before I went to bed Monday morning around 9:00, but my bladder woke me up at 12:40. Guess I drank too much water before bed. I eventually fell back to sleep, but I only got five or five and a half hours total. Then I had to go back for another twelve hour shift at the hospital. I'm in the middle of it as I write this, but remarkably I'm not that tired. I took a break around 10pm and ate an orange, and then ate a salad and a quarter cup of walnuts around midnight. That's all I'll have to eat till I get home. Any more would probably make me sleepy anyway.

My BP was a little higher yesterday afternoon, but I dropped another pound. Looking forward to getting home and resting and going back to being a novelist for a few days.



  1. a pound of butter, gone. Keep going. I'd agree that drinking too much fluid before bed will wake you later likely. With the men in our family, we say about 1/2 hour before bedtime stop drinking fluid. Depending of course on the general time it takes for your body to void fluid. Then you will sleep uninterrupted. Was thinking last night about mentioning to you too that without alcohol, you may be resetting your REM sleep cycles. With vets I work with, when they stop drinking, their sleep cycles begin to change... for the better. The theory is/was that delta and theta sleep cycles were undisturbed then... (the sleep of dreaming, deep sleep, amongst other things) and that alcohol appears to interrupt this brain wave cycle, or to shorten it in some. The speculation too is that this deep dreaming sleep and rest may be almost non existant in those who drink fall down dead drunk chronically, and that those who do often experience hyper irritibility daytimes, as well as manic energy, both of which are often distressing feelings to body, so person begins drinking again. Not referring to you, but just thought it might be interesting to you. Keep going!

  2. I was hyper-irritable when I quit smoking, and I mean for MONTHS. Not the same with alcohol--for me. I wasn't drinking every day, and I never got what most people would think of as "drunk." For me it's more of a pleasure than an addiction, but it's still a lot of somewhat empty calories.

    As for sleep, I think working nights screws with mine more than anything, but I'm sure alcohol doesn't help either.