Friday, February 3, 2012


Today's weight: 204.2

 Goal weight: 185

Blood Pressure: 115/77

Energy Level: 6.2

I took another melatonin tablet last night, and slept pretty well this time. No nightmares, but I did have a dream where I was back in the Navy (I got out in 1989), and I was walking to the main gate of my duty station carrying a case of beer. I was in civilian clothes. I had forgotten my ID, and I was just hoping the guard at the gate wouldn't ask for it. He talked to me about the brand of beer I was carrying and asked about where I worked, and then I walked on in. Whew!

My energy level's a little better this morning, although my legs are a bit sore from the extra exercise. Oh, in addition to the walk and the exercise bike, I also played drums for about 15 minutes. Solos, with some fast double-kick stuff thrown in, so another reason my legs are feeling it today.

I had a lettuce and tomato and mayonnaise sandwich on Pepperidge Farms Ancient Grains bread and some pasta for dinner last night. I'm having fresh pineapple for breakfast this morning, and for lunch...

Well, I'll tell you about lunch later.

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