Wednesday, February 29, 2012

DAY 29

Today's weight: 200.8

Goal weight: 185

Net Weight Loss Since 2/1/12: 4.8 lbs

Blood Pressure: 103/78

Heart Rate: 56

Energy Level: 7.0

Well, I've lost almost five pounds since I started. I still have a long way to go, but five pounds is five pounds. The thing is, I've been eating fried chicken and burritos and sandwiches and Snickers bars and peanut M&Ms, pretty much anything I want, and I haven't really increased my exercise much. So I can attribute the weight loss solely to giving up alcohol. How much alcohol was I drinking? On days I worked at the hospital, I didn't drink any alcohol. On days I didn't work at the hospital, I usually had three beers and a couple of glasses of wine. When I worked full time, that was four drinking days a week--five when I went to part time. I suppose most people would consider that excessive, habitual drinking, but I'm really pretty much a lightweight compared to some of the hardcore drinkers I've known. Anyway, three beers and a couple of glasses a wine five days a week turns out to be a substantial number of calories, and it turns out the alcohol was making my blood pressure go up sometimes, and it was affecting my sleep patterns and energy levels...

So, although this will be my final blog post on the subject, I've decided to continue the No Beer Diet indefinitely. I actually feel better without the stuff. Thanks to all who have followed along, and best of luck on your own journeys toward health and happiness. Cheers!   


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  2. Even though you did not lose the weight you wanted I think this was a success. You feel better and you are on the road to your weight goal. Congatulations!