Saturday, February 4, 2012


Today's weight: 204.6

 Goal weight: 185

Blood Pressure: 106/79

Energy Level: 6.3

Hmm. 204.6. That's only a net loss of one pound in three days. Still, if that trend continues, I will have lost ten pounds by the end of the month. I pigged out on fried flounder yesterday, so that didn't help. But it made me happy, so I'll do it again next Friday.

A couple of years ago, I noticed that sodium causes a rise in my blood pressure, especially the diastolic (the bottom number). Sometimes it would get as high as 150/100. So, I normally try to stick to a low sodium diet. My blood pressure's great this morning, though, even after all that salty fried fish yesterday. Interesting. Could it be that alcohol was contributing to my hypertension?

Anyway, time to get some writing done. Cheers!


  1. rooting for you Jude. You have a lot of knowledge and that's a plus instead of driving blind healthwise. Just would suggest the salt might hold your weight loss hostage a bit, perhaps. Sodium, as you know, naturally in so many things, and when more added, seems body likes to add fluid holding. Fit for Life is a great program. My hubby USAF (21 years, ret) lost weight on it after ret. During service, he was fit. (as you know those regular uhm weigh ins put starch in resolve)

  2. Thanks, Dr. CPE. I do watch my sodium intake pretty closely. I think it's almost criminal how much is in some processed foods. I usually consume less than 2 grams a day, and I never add salt to anything.